​​​Tammy Deans 



February 27, 2017

Excellent true life story about living with ESP and the paranormal! This was a great read, I highly recommend this book for people interested in the paranormal and supernatural. A very fascinating story about psychic ability, spiritual discovery and the dangers of the occult. Tammy Deans writes a very engaging and page turning book about the paranormal experiences in her life. Since childhood Tammy has been in touch with the paranormal and this books takes us her through her journey from childhood to her adult life. Tammy has endured mind-blowing experiences through out her entire life. Amazing tales of spirit guides, hauntings, and messages from beyond. Tammy has a true life calling as a spiritual conduit. Ultimately a powerful message about spirituality and the dangers of the dark side.

February 25, 2017

Tammy I just finished reading A fine line between good and evil, what an amazing story, O so wish we lived closer so I could go to your store and get readings! Your cuz from California!- Janice

February 24, 2017

I’ve known Tammy for quite a few years now. She’s an inspiration in moving forward in life and creating growth in oneself. She takes the time to explain, to provide examples and encourages others to learn, especially during her Illuminations Spiritual Groups. Her books are proof of her evolution as a mentor, teacher as well as being a spiritualist. Her readings have been insightful, helpful and illuminating. I appreciate her talent and her ability to share her talents with us. Irene - Sault Ste Marie, ON Canada

February 21, 2017 
Tammy is an exceptional psychic!  I LOVED my readings with her!  She relayed messages from spirit (like my Mom & Sister) to me with advice.  She can answer any question you throw at her!  She is AWESOME!  LOVED her!  She is so nice to speak with also!-Anonymous

Feb 18, 2017

I'll be the first to admit that I'm a skeptic in life but my time with Tammy Deans was short of amazing! She was spot both times I've seen her. Tammy Deans shop is a peacful and comfortable place. I highly recommend Tammy Deans weather your a first timer or a seasoned vet. Thanks for everything Tammy! -Leif A Puddicombe

Feb 17, 2017

When Tammy and I met for the first time, I could feel the good energy around her! Tammy has a vast knowledge of things I don't understand but that I trust she does! Tammy has provided me with some super information about my business and the people I work with. 
I love Tammy and we have become really good friends! - M.S. Sault Ste Marie, ON Canada

Feb 17, 2017
I just finished reading the book “A Fine Line Between Good and Evil” by Tammy Deans. I am Tammy’s cousin, so when she says it is a true account, I know it is factual.
She has lived a life many of us cannot comprehend, however, no matter what obstacle stood in her way, she dealt with it. She may not always have made the choices we would, but always took ownership and did not shy away from adversity.
Relationship issues, mental issues, health issues-c’mon, most of this would put anyone down. Not Tammy-she’s a fighter til the end. Her visions guide her, her talents soothe her and her love for and from family is all encompassing.
I am not familiar with the paranormal, however, I strongly believe Tammy has psychic abilities and a spiritual nature and everything in her book has happened.
I look forward to other books written by Tammy Deans -Impressed Windsor, ON Canada

Feb 17, 2017

You read my cards a couple years ago, several times actually. Since then, I have moved to the east coast. You were so bang on , so amazingly accurate that I miss you. I will be booking a phone reading soon. – A.S., East Coast, Canada

Feb 8, 2017

​Wow read your book this morning. I found it very good. I had no idea you were struggling so much or should I say the whys. I am hoping through all that, you have found peace in what you do for others. You certainly have come out stronger for it. I’m very proud of you. I hope you find a little peace in writing about it and hope it doesn’t come back to bite you in the a**! All I can say, if you haven’t gotten rid of the door, please do! – L, Windsor, ON Canada

Feb 8, 2017 

What can I say but WOW !!!! What an amazing read . (re: book - A Fine Line Between Good and Evil) I couldn`t put it down read the whole thing today . Smiled ,cried and held my breath even . You are truly inspirational with all you have been through and kept going . I had no idea of sooo much of it. My heart does ache for the younger you who felt so alone . I wish I had known . So much we could have talked about . Not the scary shit though lol. I do remember one of the last times I saw you when we were younger sitting in my family room on the dirt rd in the big house with pool . I dont remember what exactly we talked about but remember some of it being about your gifts . Had we been closer in distance maybe it would have made a difference. I cant help but think now how Iwish I new more back then of your interests and fears . A couple yrds ago I mentioned to you something about an owl i saw with you in mind and couldnt figure out . You said yes it meant something to you . Well I get that now .   Keep up everything you do love & light !!! xo - Raquel R., Goderich, ON Canada

Jan 24, 2017

Thank you SO much Tammy, for the closure. This connection was meant for me. I will definitely be back. - Anonymous, Sault Ste. Marie, ON Canada

May 11, 2016

Very nice to speak with!  Very good psychic! -Anonymous

Mar 30, 2016

Wonderful!!! Love speaking with Tammy! Gives lots of details and is very pleasant! I have spoken with her several times and plan to call again soon!  -Anonymous

February 25, 2016

I love Tammy.  She is an awesome reader and will give it to you straight.  I've read with her a handful of times in the past 6 months or so and she has been CONSISTENTLY correct.  Granted the timelines are a little hard - as in 3 months from now or March of next year but the total outcome has been ALWAYS correct.  AMAZING empath.  Gives the truth.  Thank you!  Always stay true! -Anonymous

February 24, 2016

Great reading!  Definitely recommend speaking with Tammy.  She is talented and such a doll! -Anonymous

February 17, 2016
Wonderful reading! Very helpful to me! Really connected to my situation and people in my life and gave me great advice! Listens very well and very pleasant to speak with! - Anonymous

February 11, 2016

"Readings by Tammy Deans are so accurate and so much fun!! I really enjoy her readings so much! Tammy is very intuitive and her psychic abilities are very strong. Her readings can be really fun and light-hearted, and she has a great sense of humour and is guaranteed to make you laugh, but also expect serious advice and insights into your life and spiritual path. Tammy has a real genuine passion for what she does and that really shines through, and makes her readings very special. Tammy is the real deal!! Highly recommended" - Tanya, Sault Ste. Marie, ON Canada

February 9, 2016

She's my one and only! Lol - Stephanie, Sault Ste. Marie, ON Canada

February 9,2016

Hi Tammy! Hope your doing well and your decorating rocks :) I want you to know that your readings have been spot on and actually freaked me out a bit - in a good way!! So I think you're fabulous and will be back again soon. - Wendy, Sault Sainte. Marie, MI USA

February 10, 2016

Wonderful psychic! She really tapped into my feelings and my energy and directed me on what I should be doing. She picked up so many people and issues in my life. Her spirit guides speak to her and she relays the information. I enjoyed my reading! - Anonymous

February 10, 2016

I was in awe at what a gift Tammy has! She was excellent! She gave me a great deal of information about people in my life and where she saw me headed in the next few months. Ask her anything and she will tell you what she sees and feels. She is a great psychic and so sweet! Will be calling again very soon. - Anonymous, 

February 10, 2016

She is AMAZING!!!! Tammy gave me an EXCEPTIONAL reading!! She picked up on relatives on the other side with messages for me - she even got their names correct!!!! Gave me so much information about many different subjects. Absolutely AMAZING reader and empath!! I have read with her twice so far and plan to call her again soon!! LOVE HER!!! Such a sweetheart also! Thanks you! - Anonymous

February 5, 2016

Very, very GOOD empath. She will give it to you straight. I read with her regarding a love matter that recently changed as well as a work matter. I fed her zero info beforehand and she was correctly able to pick up on the "change" in the love situations as well as the "change" in the work situation. Her empath abilities are off the charts. She will tell you what she sees/feels, not what you want to hear! Thank you, Tammy! - Anonymous

January 06, 2016
Very good reading! Such a sweetheart! - Anonymous

December 1, 2015

Tammy my dear you are amazing. You sure will hear from me again <3.. She picked up my energy right away and was able to ease my mind over an issue I thought I had. She gave me peace of mind and that's priceless. Thank you so much. Catherine, Winter Garden

November 17, 2015

Tammy was dead on in some areas of my life that were taking place or that would take place. she revealed somethings about my love life that I hope to come to pass along with my finances. I think that she's the real deal.  You should definitely speak with her because I didn't reveal much about myself but she was able to pickup on my situation. - Anonymous

October 05, 2015
I usually give a lot of detail. Tammy did not need detail. She saw my situation and advised accordingly. Very good!                         - D.B., Saratoga Springs

September 20, 2015
She was talking like she knew me. She was able to see everything going on in my life and gets to the point. She answer my questions with details. I 100% recommend her and I’m sure I will be read with her soon. - D.B., Hesperia
September 16, 2015
Tammy is great. - Anonymous

September 09, 2015
She s a great reader, quick, informative and I will be calling her again! I really liked her. - Anonymous

September 09, 2015
Tammy was able to answer all of my questions with details. She took her time and gave me a lot of information. She was also able to give me a decent outlook on the future, the present and a look into the past. I felt she gave me a lot of detail and really took her time giving me a reading and connecting to me, it felt like she knew me.

September 09, 2015
Tammy was a great reader. I really enjoyed how direct and full the reading felt. We had a fast connection and she was very good at capturing the full range of my needs and areas of interest for a reading. She was upbeat and gracious and willing to explain in detail the patterns she perceived during the reading. The best part was how accurate Dixie was with my self-perception and my mental state of well being.

​"I went to see Tammy on June 15, 2015 for a tea and tarot reading and I recorded the reading so I could listen to it at a later date.  When I left, I thought the reading was interesting but I wasn’t sure about some of the things mentioned at the time.  Two and a half months later after listening to the recording, I am astounded by the accuracy.  Everything Tammy mentioned has happened and was true!!  I will definitely return for more readings!  Tammy is amazing!!!"


"Tammy, I can't say how much I enjoyed you doing my readings and reiki.  I have never had such a beautiful meditation as when you were working on me.  It relaxed me and made me feel good confirming some of my worries about whether my siblings were okay.  Thanks, your spirit is wonderful and you are a very special gifted lady."


"I worked for Tammy at A Tea to Remember.  She was the coolest person ever...we laughed and joked so much.  The shop was amazing...so relaxing and tranquil.  Tammy contributed to its amazing energy through the love and ability she has for what she does!!"


"I've enjoyed your readings in the past. I'm sure to see you again soon."


"My name is Barb from Sault Ste Marie and I have known Tammy for some time now.  I have had several readings from her and she is amazing to say the least.  Her intuition is right on key and she tells me things that amaze and stun me at times.  So very accurate and in tune to what is happening around me.  She is a very caring and genuine person and I would recommend her to anyone out there who is looking for some spiritual guidance! Tammy also makes lovely jewelry"

Barb T.

"Tammy's jewelry are beautiful one of a kind pieces! I own a few different pieces and the healing properties are phenomenal!"


"Tammy makes lovely jewelry.  She makes all kinds of healing necklaces, rings and earrings.  She also reads tarot cards and tells all!"

Barb W.

"Every year around my children's birthdays and mine, we make appointments to have Tammy do a reading for us.  We have been seeing her since A Tea to Remember was open.  Not only are her readings incredibly accurate, but she has such a warm and gentle aura surrounding her.  We always leave feeling positive and hopeful for the future.  She is truly amazing!"


"Tammy is one of the best tea readers I have ever met.  She doesn't sugar-coat her readings, is very specific and has done many readings for me that have been helpful and accurate."


"Wow! Bang on!"


"She has the gift! Great readings!"


"Great! She is like a shining star!"


"Tammy's reading freaked me out a little bit, haha, it was good though.  I had a good time."


"Love the store."


"Great reading!"


"Great reading, cute store!"


"We don't wanna leave! lol"

Sherri & Katrina



"Great reading! Fabulous gift!"

Bertha Jane

"Want to spend all my $$$....beautiful and helpful!"


"Amazing reading, thank you."


"Great, Right on!"




"The Best" 


"Fabulous! Wonderful wares and outstanding guidance, so loving!" 


"I had fun!"


"Love it"