​​​Tammy Deans 


The structure of the group has now changed***

Meditation will now be the focus of the evening rather than the work-shop like talks. 

Therefore, a longer meditation will begin at 7pm followed by an open discussion based on meditation experiences and/or any other spiritual topic members wish to discuss.

This is not a teaching class for meditation, these will be casual and facilitated by Tammy, a group member, or even guided video. Meditation will be different from week to week. 

3rd Monday of each month

COST –  $5.00

7:00 to 8:30 Do not be late please!

***If you so choose,  please feel free to bring a pillow

or mat to sit on the floor. Chairs will be provided.

***Feel free to bring your own beverage/water bottle.
***Please bring indoor footwear.

Location: Tammy Deans Gift Shop
123 Elgin Street
Sault Ste Marie, ON
(Corner of King and Elgin, Across from Courthouse, beside

Thyne's Family Bakery)

Free City Parking Lot behind building

~Where Heaven and Earth Unite~

Finally in Sault Ste Marie there is a place for all of us to belong. Free from judgment and from many boundaries laid upon us in society.

This group is for people who are Spiritual or just plain open-minded. It doesn’t matter what religion or background you have.

What matters is the faith in knowing there is a power greater than ourselves …”somewhere”, “out there”...or at least a possibility.

What matters is that we live life with no regrets and learn from our mistakes.

What matters is how we continue to grow spiritually and emotionally.

What matters is how we help ourselves and others heal from emotional and physical trauma and dis-ease.

What matters is forgiveness. For us and for others.

What matters is we have a choice in who we are and how we live.

What matters is the Law of Attraction. Understanding in learning to follow this law.

Please join us in learning from each other.

Join us in sharing with one another.

Join other like-minded individuals who have finally found a place to belong.

Join us in raising the vibration to a higher level of peace and harmony.

Join us today!

Love and light,
Tammy Deans