​​​Tammy Deans 

Position Available:  Paranormal Investigator 

Haunted Sault Ste Marie (Group and Legal Business Name) is owned solely by Tammy Deans.  All business decisions may be discussed by the group as a whole, but any final decision is made by Tammy Deans. 

Any and all evidence collected during an investigation is the property of Haunted Sault Ste Marie.  All logos, photos, video, audio, research data, and anything else identifying to a location or investigation is subject and protect by copyright laws. Unauthorized use is prohibited. All rights reserved.

Technical experience:  The team works with lots of equipment including video cameras, still cameras, voice recorders, K2 meters etc.  The ideal candidate would need to be comfortable working with this equipment and the footage they collect.  

Courage:  Paranormal investigations are conducted at night and in the dark.  If dark, creepy buildings or unexplained noises and shadows make you uncomfortable, you need not apply.

Trustworthy: Paranormal investigations require trust between all the team members and from the property owners. If you cannot be trusted with information, spreading gossip, and material objects, you need NOT apply.

Confidentiality:  Investigation location, property owners, and stories of the activity claimed to have happened or witnessed on an investigation is confidential and breaking this code of ethics will NOT be tolerated.

Reviewing material collected during an investigation can be extremely time-consuming.  Consider for every video camera and audio recorder used, you will need the same amount of time on the recording to set aside to review the material.  For example, if you are responsible for reviewing two cameras and two audio recorders from a five hour investigation, that’s 20 hours of review that will need to be done.

Volunteering extra time dedicated to research a property or historical event is essential in conducting a thorough investigation.  (Such as public library)

No profit is made from investigating and costs may be incurred and are to be covered personally by each member.  Although Haunted Sault Ste Marie does have an expansive amount of equipment and provides ongoing advertising and information on their website, other expenses may be incurred and are to be covered by the team as a whole.  (Such as batteries, flashlights, personal voice recorders, etc) Any additional equipment and supplies purchased by the team as a whole becomes the property of Haunted Sault Ste Marie.

Each individual is responsible for their own transportation, meals and beverages while on investigations.

If any special events are planned, the cost will be split evenly among all participating team members.  

Professional attitude:  Although most paranormal investigators are in it for the thrill and the adrenaline rush, Haunted Sault Ste Marie team members are to maintain a professional attitude, language and a casual yet professional type dress.  We must maintain this behaviour to instill confidence in our clients.  Maturity and compassion are two things that are NOT negotiable.  

We insist that our members be drug free, and arrive at investigations free of any prescriptions or mind/perception altering substances. We also ask that you be free of mental illness.  This may be seen as discriminatory by some, but please understand it is for the protection of all involved. 

We invite you to submit an application via email if you are interested in becoming a Haunted Sault Ste Marie team member. We take interviewing future members very seriously, therefore please be prepared.  

Send Application to:  info@hauntedsaultstemarie.com